Account List

Build feature rich dashboards to view and manage accounts


Complete list of accounts for individuals or corporate customers

Know your customers. Get up to date information for your customers and their accounts

Up to the minute current and available balances for each account

Keep users happy, build feature rich dashboards with the latest account information

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Frequently asked questions

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What does the Account List API do?

This API will provide you with

  • A list with all the customer accounts
  • Basic information for each account

How can I use this API?

Integrating this API will allow you to build apps that offer your customers account reconciliation services, personalized finance management and increased insights through detailed transaction analytics. By combining banking analytics with business analytics and understanding spending patterns and trends, financial apps can help businesses better cater to their customers’ needs

Does the API provide feedback if my transaction is successful?

The API will respond with:

  • an error structure if it fails any of the security, technical or rule validations
  • a success structure if the credit transfer was submitted successfully

Can I Demo the API before registering?

Of course you can. Click on the "Try the API" link in the API Docs section.

What are the validation rules for the API?

You can find all the validation rules under the API docs section.