Security comes first. Perform transactions in a secure manner with the OAuth 2 protocol.


Secure access using OAuth 2 protocol

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Frequently asked questions

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What does the Authentication API do?

We take security very seriously. This API will make sure you execute your transactions in a safe and controlled environment. We are using the OAuth2 security mechanism.

How can I use this API?

This API can power your app with a robust set of permission-based consumer and business account and transactional data while adhering to bank-level security requirements. Effectively managing data is also key for regulatory reporting. You use the API to authenticate your users easily through your web/desktop and mobile applications. This will enable you to extend reach and attract additional customers.

What is OAuth2?

In order to actually access the account and retrieve the requested data, account holders need to authorize your application and allow it to access their account. This is achieved using OAuth 2.

What is a client token?

The Client Token, commonly referred to as access_token in code samples, is a credential that can be used by a client to access an API.

What are the validation rules for the API?

You can find all the validation rules under the API docs.